Making a windmill

A windmill is a device that converts wind energy into other types of energy. It uses wind power to make mechanical energy for rotating its blades which in turn help produce electrical energy. The windmill is a very useful machine in times of energy crisis. The windmill started producing electricity lately; it used to be a popular method for pumping water and towing boats.

In the current situation of extreme energy crisis across the globe, it only makes sense that we look for alternate power solutions. The windmill proves to be an economical option, especially in farms and in the countryside. A windmill may not be the optimum solution in a highly-populated area.

What are the prerequisites for setting up a windmill?

There are two important pre-requisites for a windmill:

• The place where the solution is to be implemented should have an area of at least one acre. It is not advisable to set up a windmill in a smaller area as the windmill blades will not be able to capture enough wind power for the windmill to work.

• The average speed of wind in the area should approximately be 11 miles per hour. It is not advisable to employ the windmill at a site where factors like high-rise buildings and tall towers block the wind. You also need to make sure that the wind speed is consistent at your site.

What are the components of a windmill?
You will need the following components to make a windmill:

• Blades: These blades are responsible for making use of the wind energy. Blades are typically made of wood or plastic.

• Tower: The tower is the pillar that holds the system high enough to be able to use the wind. They are made up of hard material such as poly-vinyl chloride.

• Shaft: The shaft is used to join the blades to the tower, at the same time allowing them to rotate smoothly.

• Base: The base of the windmill is what holds the tower and the blades.

How is a windmill set up?
You will find ready-to-install windmill kits in the market. Consult an expert to choose the one that best suits your place and needs. If you would like to choose the components personally and set the windmill on your own, make sure you seek professional help; a mismatch of size in the components will make your windmill useless.

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