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Building a relationship with your new opt-in mailing list is a must. You want your subscribers to see you as a friend, and a source of good information, and not as somebody who just wants to sell them something.

Think about some of the products and services you spend money on. You probably have a favorite grocery store, where many of the cashiers recognize you. You may have a favorite gas station, or a mechanic that you use on a regular basis to maintain your car.

If you have pets, you probably take them to a vet you feel comfortable with. It's a safe bet that you spend most of your money with people who have treated you well and worked hard to satisfy your needs.

Most readers prefer to buy from individuals and/or businesses they feel comfortable with. This type of relationship is built over time.

A free e-course is a great way to start the process of relationship building with your opt-in mailing list.

As long as you are offering quality information, your subscribers will appreciate the fact that you are teaching them something for free.

Always give first, and ask later. Don't try to sell your subscribers anything until you have provided them with plenty of solid, useful information, and maybe even a couple of nice freebies.

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