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Add a subscriber form on your website. If you use a service such as GetResponse or AWeber, it's simply a matter of cutting and pasting code into your pages. These companies (known as autoresponder companies) will take care of subscriptions for you for a small monthly fee. Using an autoresponder company takes care of the issues of being accused of sending spam.

Add your subscription email address to the signature line of every email you send out.

Add your subscription email address to paperwork you send too. Every piece of paper from your office can promote your subscriber list.

li>If you're on any forums, ensure you have your subscription information in your signature if you have one.

Put your subscription information on any bio sheets you have on any websites.

If you're using an autoresponder company, ensure you have a welcome message for your subscriber as an autoresponder message that will be sent straight away.

Offer something for free such as a report, ebook, ecourse, software, audio or video from your site in exchange for your visitor's details. Make sure it's perfectly targeted to your audience.

Advise your subscribers how often they are going to be contacted by you and what they can expect.

Always offer your subscribers a way to opt-out of your list.

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