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Exhaustion and Anxiety

Why do some people have a problem with anxiety and others do not?

This is a question almost everyone who experiences anxiety asks themselves at some point or another. Why me?

My understanding of anxiety is that yes, some people seem more susceptible than others but that the key trigger tends to be exhaustion. By exhaustion I mean mental, physical, or emotional exhaustion. (Under physical exhaustion I also include things like diet or substance abuse)

For some it may be exhaustion caused by a hectic life and never taking time to release the stress. People like that often do not notice their stress levels are so high until they get blindsided by a spontaneous panic attack.

For others it may be an emotional exhaustion caused by the loss of a loved one or the break up of a long term relationship.

If the anxiety is caused by a traumatic life event it is interesting to note that the person frequently does not experience the anxiety until the event has passed.

You often see people dealing very well with a crisis but then several weeks later when the dust has settled they start to feel the anxiety. It is like they have been in shock and are only now starting to process the experience.

The most important thing to remember about panic attacks or general anxiety is that help is available and it is important to get help sooner rather than later.

I always recommend visiting your doctor first of all to really determine that it is just anxiety you are dealing with and not an underlying physical ailment. Once you are sure that it is anxiety that you dealing with, treat it.

DoníŽt wait

Burying your head in the sand hoping it will simply be gone next week is not an effective way to treat it. It is totally unnecessary to spend months if not years dealing with something that can be corrected now.

That help is available right here.

The Panic Away Program changes the way you process your anxiety enabling you to end panic attacks and general anxiety. It costs no more than a dinner for two but can change your life so much for the better. Invest in the right kind of information. Information that puts you back in control of your life. That is the best kind of investment you can make.

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To your success,

Barry McDonagh

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