A Word of Warning: My secrets are 100% legit. I don't use any hacks, cheats, exploits, bots or other unfair methods.

I love World of Warcraft more than anything and would NOT risk using any illegal method that has even the slightest chances of getting me banned. That being said, I invite you to read my personal message.

From The Computer Of Wayne Williams:

Dear WoW Friend,

Even though I'm a gold-seller now with plenty of it, I know how it feels to lack some of the beauties of this game...

I mean, you think about it all the time, don't you?

Logging into your account... Going into the main city by riding your own Epic Mount... And having in the inventory TENS of thousands of gold that you can use for anything you want...

You could use it to buy SEVEN Epic Flying Mounts...
You could use it for any weapon or armor you may desire...
You could use it to start TEN new characters and level them to           80 and DOMINATE PvP...
You could use it to fund any raids that you want to... for as long as
          you want to...
And this is only the start...

It doesn't have to be a fantasy, because what you're about to discover will make this very real.

But don't take my word for it...

Here Are Some Of The Letters I Received
From Reputable World Of Warcraft Players

"Wayne is the REAL DEAL... "

"I have 2 chars at level 80 and 1 char at 74... I've met a lot of people and read probably all the gold guides that were published in the market. No one can even touch WarcraftWealth...

"By comparison, other guides only give you some 100g/hour tactics that everyone knows. And WarcraftWealth gives you the real deal on how to make 200, 300, 500 or even more gold per hour...

"Wayne is probably the top expert when it comes to raising gold fast, legally. Wayne is the REAL DEAL..."

-- Mike B.
Dallas, US
80 Level Character WoW Player


"Wayne Is The Richest WoW Player I Know..."

"I know Wayne personally. I've done raids with him together. He had so much gold that it made me sick....

"Wayne is the richest WoW player I know. He always has the best items from the whole team. Normally, everyone wanted him as a member to the party....

"WarcratWealth is dynamite. It's written by a guy who knows what he's doing. Been there, done that...."

-- Chris A.
Tottenham, UK
80 Level Character WoW Player


"...The Content Could Even Astonish Blizzard... "

"Wayne shows some of the most counter-intuitive tactics to get gold fast. Some of the content could even astonish Blizzard...

"WarcraftWealth is collectors' item for sure. If you could name an epic guide for making gold... than WW it's that guide.

"I've made more money in the last four days than in the past three weeks."

-- Anne T.
Houston, US
80 Level Character WoW Player


Unfortunately, Most Players Will Not Have A Clue How To Get 1000s of Gold... Easily

You see hundreds of level 80 characters who don't have gold at all...

They may have a regular Mount, but other than that, they can't really "bend" the game... They're just struggling with getting gold...

Many books have been published to solve this. The problem is that most of the information they give you is just "common-knowledge" among seasoned WoW players.

They don't reveal anything special...Just the same rehashed content.. (I know because I bought them all...)

That's why for the last six months, I've been writing my very own guide for making gold.

In it you will discover the actual secrets I use on a daily basis to be able to sell thousands of gold.

And now, I present to you my book (that quite frankly exposes the best possible methods for making maximum gold in minimum time):

"Gold-Seller Reveals His Actual Secrets For Making Tons Of Gold... Fast!"

You will get the most useful techniques, whether you're level 1 or 80...

And it doesn't matter if you play almost non-stop or just once a week... You will get tons of the most effective methods for piling up gold in your account.

It doesn't matter if you play Alliance or Horde. Nor does it matter your class or how your character is built.

I took things step-by-step and explained everything from A-to-Z.

You'll Be Blown Away When You DISCOVER The Contents Of This Guide

Unlike some of the other guides you've probably read, in WarcraftWEALTH? you will see tons of pictures to really show you how to do it for yourself.

If you don't have any solid methods for gaining gold, and would like to get this part of the game handled, this book will produce wonders.

If you're already good at getting gold, this book will make you a lot better.

You might want to become the ultra-powerful player who makes piles of gold at will and dominates the game...

You might want to just be able to get enough gold to get some exclusive gear...

That's fine. Whatever you want, this book is for you.

And most importantly, this book is written by me, a gold-seller who is at the peak of the gold-farming expertise.

Here Are Just Some Of The Secrets
You'll Discover Inside:

The 7 core principles of gold-getting that you must know, even
          before you loot another mob. Failure to know this can mean days or
          even weeks of wasted time?

The most important item that your character can have, when it
          comes to raising gold fast?

Why amassing the latest weapons and armor for your character is
          the most terrible investment you can make when leveling ? even
          though most of the ?advisors? tell you to do this?

How I make 100g per day in 7 minutes at the Auction House. If
          you don?t have time to play WoW and want all the epics? you
          absolutely need this.

The most effective strategy for grinding motes that pays off
          handsomely. Use that and you?ll get to near 5,000 in less than 2

12 full pages with my personal strategy and detailed step-by-step
          route to make more than 100g in 30 minutes runs with an
. Using only this technique you can...

... Make Your Epic Flying Mount
In Less Than A Day!

"...100s Of Gold With Very Little Effort..."


Thanks for the tip on your instance run. I've made 100s of gold with very little effort. ^^ "

-- Jane B.
Tennessee, US


How to get unlimited space for your items that you plan on selling
          at the Auction House. (Hint: It?s not what you think?)

How to list an item for 50g, in order to sell it for 100g, or 150g or
          even more?
It?s called ?crowd psychology? and almost nobody
          even talks about this astonishing gold making secret?

The only three professions that are really worth it? I know these
          choices may shock you, but once you?ll discover the reasons behind
          it, you?ll nod in amazement?.

The first thing you must do before even thinking of putting an item on
          the Auction House. (Tip: To make lots of money fast, you have to
          sell fast?)

The 7 most important principles you need to know for using           the Auction House effectively. Mastering these will turn you into a           powerful trader that raises tons of gold with almost no effort?

Vanity of other players is probably the most profitable source for
          making tons of money, very fast. Discover how to...

... Sell Almost-Garbage Items For Tons Of Gold, Without Cheating Or Lying?

The most reliable and steady source of income for players that want           to play it safe and still make great money? without any gamble
          whatsoever. Whenever you need some sure-thing gold, you can
          turn to this.

How to control the market and set the prices for as much as
          you want. With the market dominated by you, you will simply rock
          the world of gold making (and all other players will try to please you
          the best they can?)

The 8 most important herbs that you can gather. Use your
          profession on these and you?ll accumulate piles of gold? Plus the
          exact locations down to the nitty-gritty details?

My personal method to get more than 5,000 gold in less than 7           days, if you play very little each day.  If you don?t have time to put           countless hours, this is the most effective way?

Why using buyout correctly at the Auction House can mean the
          difference between being rich and being poor?

My choice when it comes to legal add-ons. Some add-ons used

... Make MASSIVE Gold-Raising Seem Like Stealing Candy From A Baby?

The richest regions full of Knothide Leather, Cobra Scales and other           expensive leathers ready for you to skin. It amazes me how little
          ?competition? is in these specific locations that I reveal?

Why using the bank can mean the most terrible ?bankruptcy? 
          in terms of gold. Many players with thousands of gold ended up           being poor as a church mouse...

How to make mining pay off a lot more. You?ll be able to get                     premium prices that you may have never dreamed off, if you follow
          my simple plan

When you must never use your Auction House? Using the
          Auction House in this case, will only prevent you from hitting
          massive success with your character?

A simple technique that can make you plenty of gold in very little
          time, even if you?re a level 10 character

How to make more money from reputation tokens than anyone else           you know ... Even some of the most...

... Expert Players Waste A Lot Of Time And Potential Not Doing What I Reveal?

"...Absolutely brilliant..."


There are some things in life that absolutely blow your mind. Your guide rocks, dude. I got my epic flying mount in 3 days. I struggled for months now... and with your tactics I got it in 3 days...

Absolutely brilliant."

-- George K.
Greece, Europe


The best places to grind depending on your level? Some players           really sabotage all their efforts by going to the wrong, common-
          sense locations.

Why skinning just for the sake of skinning can be a terrible time
          investment and how to make sure it?s worth the time you put in?.

Discover the specific locations where you can load up your           character with Khorium, Rich Adamantite, Fel Iron and other                     minerals that get plenty of gold?

How to make grinding fun. Grinding can get very boring, but using           my tips, you will do more in less time.

Why even seasoned WoW players completely mess up their
          priorities in the game and what?s the number one thing you should
          focus on when it comes to making gold?

And that just scratches the surface. Inside you'll find tons of tips,
          maps, strategies and tactics that will simply blow your mind...

Do You Want To Rule The World Of Warcraft And Possess These Secrets?

Owning WarcraftWEALTH? is like owning the golden goose that lays piles of gold, day in, day out.

So what would you have to pay for a guide that will skyrocket your gold account, as this one? If you're a World of Warcraft enthusiast, it shouldn't really matter.

This is collector's material... You won't find many things greater than WarcraftWealth, except the game, of course.

That's why, at first, I said that we should sell this guide for $99.95 since using some of the tactics inside can really save you a lot of time (not to mention not having to buy gold.)

For $99.95 you can buy about 1,500 G. However, when you'll need gold again, you'll have to buy again... And you will have the total power to make more than 1,500 Gold in less than a day...

Give them the fish or teach them how to fish?

That's why I think WarcraftWEALTH IS worth at least 300 dollars. I mean... the total WoW experience is ecstatic after you solve your gold problems for good.

However, after I gave it some thought, I said that WarcraftWealth should sell for $79.95, since I want all WoW players to be able to benefit from this amazing insiders' gold getting encyclopedia.

It would not be fair for some players to not be able to afford the guide right away... and have to save money for weeks or months. I know that you want this now.

So that's why, at $79.95, anyone can kiss the gold problems good-bye.

UPDATE: Since my website is brand new, I decided to make a marketing promo, in order to have players experience the real goods. That's why, for a very limited time, you can purchase WarcraftWEALTH at the introductory price of $37.

While you are reading this message you can still get your WarcraftWEALTH copy at this bargain price.

However, if someone bookmarks the address and comes at a later time and sees the price at $79.95 or at $99.95, please don't send any hate mail.

The only guarantee I can give is that if you decide to get WarcraftWEALTH now, you're 100% sure to pay less than everyone else

Also, today, you can benefit from a great opportunity to gain A LOT more value for the same dollars:

You'll Also Get Three Additional Bonuses
That Will Keep You Awake Tonight!

When you invest in WarcraftWEALTH right now, you'll also get three companion bonuses that I've created using my NEWEST material...

Bonus #1: Auction House $29.95 FREE

In the first bonus, "Auction House: Mind-Boggling Videos On How To Create Tons Of Gold" I show you
using videos how I use the Auction House to amass tons of gold.

I know many tactics are hard to understand with only text and images. That's why I decided that I would record the screen of the game and show you step-by-step how I do it.

You'll learn the entire process from me. It's as if you were standing right behind my shoulder to discover all the secrets of the Auction House.

It simply can't get any better than this.

This bonus alone would cost you $29.95; however, you will get it absolutely free when you claim your copy of WarcraftWEALTH.

"...I Really Thought I Knew About The AH..."

"I really thought I knew about the AH. That is until I read your guide and saw your videos. Now, I'm making more gold than I ever thought possible. You rock Wayne. If you are ever on Azuremyst server let me know."

-- Britney D.
Denver, US


Bonus #2: Mining Maps $24.95 FREE

In the second bonus, "Mining Maps: Complete Walkthrough Over Mining Regions", I'll give you the maps that I use whenever I feel like mining.

Just point your character in the direction I show and you'll mine whatever you want or need.

It's like using a cheat-sheet to keep you focused on where the BIG GOLD is.

No fluff... No beating around the bushes...

Just simple and very effective, straight-to-the-point locations for you to mine.

Judging by the quality of the maps, this bonus is worth at least $24.95.

However, you will get it absolutely FREE to add it to your collection, when you reserve your WarcraftWEALTH package.

Bonus #3: WoW Basics $19.95 FREE

In the third bonus, "WoW Basics: From Noob and Beyond", you'll discover all the foundations and principles that
Blizzard should have delivered with the manual... but they didn't.

You're going to have all the most important basics laid out one by one.

Even though you could say that noobs would benefit mostly from this, believe or not... some of the level 80 characters don't have a clue about some of these.

Actually, I laugh whenever I see a level 80 character that doesn't know some of these foundations... because it's embarrassing.

Save yourself from any possible mistakes and read this guide, immediately. It's a must read for anyone whether level 1 or level 80.

This guide could easily sell out at $19.95. You will get it absolutely free when you secure your Warcraft Wealth package today.

"...Don't Tell Anyone Else About This..."

"Dude, please don't tell anyone else about this. I'm raking in the gold with your mining maps. I don't need any more competition."

-- Brian W.
Los Angeles, US


How To Discover And Enjoy The Most Powerful Secrets For Getting Gold Fast

The process is very simple and I'm sure that if you placed any online order before now, it will be extremely easy.

When you click on the order button below, you'll go to my secure order page for your credit card information (You can also order by PayPal if you choose).

When you use my secure order form, you'll be able to download the package immediately as Adobe Acrobat PDF files and you'll be able to also see the videos in your browser. If you can use YouTube, you'll be able to see the videos.

The whole order process takes a few minutes and you'll be able to read WarcraftWealth and add it to your collection *right away*.

When you get the book, scan it a couple of times and read the parts that jump out at you right away - then go back and read it cover to cover.

Next, watch and read the three bonuses and then try some of the techniques in the game. You'll discover the exact methods that you can use right now, in absolutely minimum time, to fund any item, mount or raid that you desire...

And you'll be able to use this reference library collection constantly again and again and again because it contains the most powerful secrets to getting tons of gold fast, that are in print at this moment.

Let's Wrap This Up To
See Everything You Will Get

You Get Everything:

  1. "Warcraft Wealth -- Gold Seller Reveals His Actual Secrets For Making Tons Of Gold... Fast!"
    The reference guide for the most powerful gold getting secrets.

  2. "Auction House -- Mind-Boggling Videos On How To Create Tons Of Gold"
    The full videos on how I make money at the Auction House

  3. "Mining Maps -- Complete Walkthrough Over Mining Regions" The best available maps for mining that will instantly allow you to get the best spots.

  4. "WoW Basics -- From Noob and Beyond"
    The guide with all the foundations that Blizzard should have included in the game manual.

How Much More Would You Enjoy The Game If You Could Afford To Do EVERYTHING?

Think about those awesome epic flying mount, the coolest armor and weapons, the raids... You could absolutely shape and bend the game however you like, if given enough gold.

And you'll not only be able to have gold in your account. You'll be able to CREATE GOLD AT WILL, not unlike those players who buy it from Chinese farmers risking getting banned.

You'll be able to end all the gold problems for good and REALLY get to build up the UBER ULTIMATE CHARACTERS... No one could even think about touching them...

I spent about 2 years learning and playing just to get the information you will get now. I would have paid at least one thousand dollars when I was started to get this, if given the chance.

You have the absolute luck and fortune to discover everything, professionally laid out for you, step-by-step, to get you started right way.

It's like getting the chance to get 100% drop out rate of epics from regular mobs. You absolutely need this.

And the best part is that, you have absolutely zero risk...

Don't Decide Now...
Use "WarcraftWEALTH" For 60 Days

You can go ahead and take WarcraftWealth right now. Read it and use it for 60 FULL DAYS.

Use some of the techniques to make thousands of gold in a day...

Buy your epic flying mount...Buy the absolutely coolest armor, weapons and items you can get... Bend the game to your will...

And then decide...

If after 60 days, you don't think it was worth the money, just send me an email and I'll refund you every cent you paid.

Plus, you get to keep the package since it's in electronic format, just as a thank you for trying this out.

Click The Following Button To Download WarcraftWealth For Your 60-Day Test-Run:

If you have any questions about WarcraftWealth, please email me at support@warcraftwealth.com and you will get my fast reply.

See you on the other side (with tons of gold to spare),

Wayne Williams

P.S.: WarcraftWEALTH is on an introductory offer at this moment.
          I absolutely guarantee you that the best offer you can get for           this collector's guide is right now, at only $37.

          In a few days we will probably raise the price again to 79.95$...                   because frankly, compared to every other guide on gold making
          that exists today in the market, this is TEN times better.

P.P.S.: After you get tons of gold, please send me a testimonial. After           you use our astonishing secret gold getting tactics, I'm sure           you'll have stories to spare... just like these people:

"...Gathering 7,000 G So I Can Skip To The Top..."

"Wayne you were right. It took me only 1.5 days to get my Flying Epic Mount. Now I can enjoy the game even more and I?m so happy for that. I?m planning to use your awesome methods for gathering 7,000 g so I can skip to the top. Thanks"

-- Eddy D.
New Jersey, US

"...It Has Started To Be Fun Again..."

"Making gold used to be very difficult for me, but I didn't have your guide. Now, there is no armor or weapon I can't buy, and of course my epic flyer is awesome. Wow was such a grind, no pun intended, but now it has started to be fun again. Thanks man."

-- Bill T.

"...I Will Send You A Picture With 10,000 G..."

"I love this game more than anything else. The only problem I had was to gain more gold. Thanks to your guide I?m able now to buy whatever I want and to kill easily a lot of mobs. I really appreciate what you?ve done for me. Soon I will send you a picture with 10,000 g in my account. Thanks"

-- Frank R.
Sao Paolo, Brazil


"...I'm Not Letting Them On The Secret..."

"My guildies are so jealous. Ha! I'm not letting them on the secret just yet. After I make them realize what a gold making machine I am, then I might tell them. Later."

-- Brad P.
Uldaman Server

"...137g In 53 Minutes..."

"Woooow. With your ?Market Control? technique I was able to make 137g in 53 minutes. To be honest with you I did know that such method can exist. I look forward to new astonishing secrets."

-- Tony V.
Barcelona, Spain

"...My Gold Has Really Swelled..."

"You're tips are so spot on. My gold has really swelled since reading you guide and I'm loving it. Thanks mate."

-- Rob E.
Austin, US


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